Become a Foster Parent


10 Steps to Foster

  • 1. Choose the type of foster care you are interested in (regular or therapeutic) and choose the agency you'd like to work with.
  • 2. Contact the agency of choice.
  • 3. Schedule fingerprint appointments for each household member 18 years and older.
  • 4. Schedule medical appointments for all household members.
  • 5. Complete the packet of paperwork from your selected agency.
  • 6. Host your agency's licensing worker for your home visits.
  • 7. Attend Pre-Service group training.
  • 8. Prepare your home and be ready for Fire and DHEC Inspections.
  • 9. Wait while your Home Study is completed and processed for approval.
  • 10. Receive your foster parent license.

For More Information

Questions about Fostering

Find a complete list of questions and answers often asked by those who are considering becoming foster parents.

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Agencies Near Me

Select your county to see a complete listing of agencies that license foster families near you.

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Events Near Me

Search our events calendar for an event near you. Our calendar is comprised of events hosted by various foster parent licensing agencies across SC where you can learn how to become a foster parent and what support and resources each agency can offer you along the way.

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