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Considering Fostering?

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Fostering a child is a life-changing experience, many say. Why? Well, you are allowing your family dynamic to adjust, in order to selflessly take care of someone in need of stability and safety, all under your roof.

The children in foster care are entering an uncertain place. From their perspective, they are at a loss. They are removed from their caregiver, friends, community, and culture. Their control is lost; their identity is now “foster child,” a label none has asked for.

Their acceptance of you is not a given. They want, more than anything, to find stability in a difficult season of their lives. You can offer this gift of stability.

Consider fostering if yours is a family that can be described as caring.

Consider fostering if you and the rest of your family all agree this is a journey that you will not enter into lightly.

Consider fostering if you can work through stress and can nurture another individual, and can jump through obstacles, and can follow through on difficult tasks.

Consider fostering because you believe you are not perfect but you can provide a stable place and you can learn how to improve in your parenting, as you learn the child’s specific needs.

Thank you for your strong and sober consideration. The beginning of this journey today can change the life of a child tomorrow. We are here for you, and thank you.

Lindsey has been a foster parent recruiter for nearly 5 years, and is passionate about combining digital marketing practices to recruitment. She works closely with foster care licensing agencies across South Carolina to find more foster parents for children in foster care. She also holds a certification as an Adoption Investigator in SC. Lindsey is currently earning a graduate degree in Social Work and enjoys spending time with her growing family.

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