Resolving to Find More by Doing Less

Do you ever think about your life and wonder if there could be more?  I do.  

But I’ll be honest. Most days, I wish there were less. I’m the mom of two beautiful girls, ages five and seven. I work. I am active in my church. I volunteer in my community. I sign up for projects I don’t have time to complete, but somehow still get done.  I attempt to be a loving wife, an attentive mother, and a good friend.  I am constantly fighting a battle with laundry, dishes, meals to prepare, clutter, and mess – so much that I am convinced a tornado wreaks havoc on my home when I am away.  I feel like all I do is run around, trying to keep everything together.  

Still, in the midst of the insanity, I realize I am blessed. I have a loving husband who is fully devoted to our family. I have friends who support me.  My two girls are delightful – each in their own way.

Aimee, my seven year old, is my serious, sensitive child.  I love her bright smile and how she bursts with a belly laugh when something delights her.

Seven year old Aimee, at home (Photo credit Jane Howard)

Ruby is my six year old.  Watch out!  She is trouble, but her playfulness and enthusiasm are contagious.

Ruby, cutting-up with her family (Photo credit Jane Howard)

I know my girls are growing fast, and I don’t want to miss the time I have with them. This year, I resolved to say “no” more so I can spend more time with them and be fully present when we are together – less worrying about my to-do list or putting on a movie so I can get something done.  

I resolved to leave more time for relationships, to invest in my marriage, and to respond when a friend needs encouragement or help.  I also resolved to spend more time with God.

You may be wondering what all of these resolutions have to do with foster care.  When I first learned about fostering, I felt afraid to take the first step.  How could I fit another person into my already busy life?  The truth was, I couldn’t.  I needed to do less so that I could do more.

So now it’s a couple months into 2019, I am still not a foster mom. I am not saying I will fill out an application to foster… yet.  But I will add margin to my life so that I can discover the more in my life – which might be fostering, if only I would make room for it.

In the meantime, continue to follow my blog posts as I learn about the foster system.  I will review a book and then follow with an interview from someone who has perspective on that topic.  Who knows?  Maybe you will find that fostering is YOUR more.  I look forward to discovering with you!

Debby is a writer and a mom. Debby freelances as a copywriter and content developer in the Upstate of South Carolina, and is passionate about finding homes for children in foster care. She was introduced to foster care by a friend and decided that although she wasn't in a position to foster, she wanted to do more to help find families for children. Now, she reads all books related to fostering and recommends the ones she enjoys so that you can learn about fostering too! Her post format is book review, followed by an interview with someone who can speak to the book's content. Follow her posts if you are just learning about fostering and unsure about how you want to become involved!

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