Single Foster Mom to Married Adoptive Mom: Meet Crystal and Follow Her Story!

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I’m Crystal. I’m a wife to John. We’ve been married 2 years in February 2020! But our love story started way back in 2014. 

I’m a mom–foster mom, adoptive mom, bonus mom— simply a mom!

I knew in my heart I was supposed to say yes to fostering and my life has never been the same. I taught middle school so I knew foster care existed, and I knew there was a need, but I never fully understood until I stepped into it myself. 

I started my foster care journey in 2014 as a single working woman. I thought I was done fostering after I adopted our two precious girls. Adopting as a single mom allowed me to see life in a very different perspective. When I married John, he adopted my girls. Our girls. Now, we have been fostering together since August of 2019. It took him a little longer to have peace about taking the huge leap of faith. But we did. It’s been one big event after another for the past 3 years! We currently have 6 kiddos. Three that are officially ours and three foster loves. 

I love all things Golden Girls, tie dye, and flip flops. Rainbows are my favorite. I love chocolate and peanut butter, separately and together. Often times you can find me in the closet eating both and just breathing in peace! I love being in the sun, country cooking, and watching documentaries. I’m a huge country music fan and Nashville is my favorite vacation destination. Football and baseball are huge in our house.

I’m not a fan of coconut anything, group texts, and the fact that it gets dark at 5:30 right now. I don’t care for shoes other than flip flops and I’m often found in t-shirts and running shorts! 

I am passionate about foster care and reaching out to biological families so that they know they are not alone on this journey. I love building relationships with my foster loves’ families because it gives them a village they can count on. I love to write about this journey of foster care and how it looks for our family in hopes that I can encourage someone to step out and take their next step- whether that is fostering or simply wrapping around a foster family. It’s a life we chose to live and even when it’s messy, I wouldn’t have it any other way! Sharing about the joy that comes (even in the struggles), connecting with your spouse, finding your village, and building relationships with bio parents are some topics I am most excited to talk about. Of course I love telling our love story, our adoption story, and talking about how we recently opened up our home to a teenager in care.

It’s an exciting life we love and I am humbled to be able to share it with people who are thinking of fostering, are fostering, have adopted, or simply just want to help be the village! 

Share your foster care journey with us at We love to feature inspiring foster family stories and helping people see the realities of foster care through diverse lenses. There is power in seeing that others have walked the same journey as us.

Crystal is a Christian, wife, and mother to many through foster care, adoption, and marriage. She loves all things Golden Girls, documentaries, Crime Series, green jolly ranchers, Chick-Fil-A, and sports. You can find her rooting hard for the Cubs during baseball season and the Crimson Tide during football season and sometimes Notre Dame because she loves her husband. She is passionate about birth families, sibling bonds, and being a resource to families in hard places.

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