December 30, 2016
Dan and Erin
November 4, 2019

Derrick and Bekah

Derrick and Bekah

At 23 years old and with a couple years of marriage under our belt, Derrick and Bekah decided to become foster parents. Their first placement was a 7 year old boy. The couple recalls when he was dropped off for the first time - he ran straight toward their dog, giving him a big hug, and saying “I’m going to love it here!” The school year came and went and before we knew it he was on summer break. The couple wanted to make it a summer full of adventures that he would never forget. They went whitewater rafting, camping, hiking, swimming, and his favorite - to the beach and the aquarium. The young boy was so excited over a starfish! But the honeymoon phase ended about 3 months into his stay, and shortly after this, the couple found out they were pregnant with their first child. However, the couple had no intention of quitting fostering.

The following months were a roller coaster. As the next school year started, so did the hardest 3 months of their lives. For about the first month of school, Bekah was called almost every single day to pick him up from school for misbehaving in class and had to take paid time off work to stay with him during suspensions, as well as lunch breaks in meetings with teachers. It was overwhelming, but the couple was committed to this boy. After several months, he gained the favor of his teachers at school and made several improvements in his therapy. The child’s case progressed to be therapeutic, meaning that he required a higher level of care. After hearing this, the couple decided to keep him in their home until he could have a positive move. Months later, he was moved to be placed with his younger siblings, who were also in foster care.

After a year of fostering, Derrick and Bekah decided to pursue a lifelong dream of theirs to thru-hike the AT with their daughter, now one year old. Although the couple only fostered one child for a year, they made a significant impact on a young boy’s life and their lives were also changed in the process.

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