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In the spring of 2017, a season known for new beginnings, Cyndi welcomed her first foster child into her home. A Food and Nutrition Specialist for the local school district, Cyndi felt that God had been calling her into foster care for the past two years, but she hadn’t taken any tangible steps forward. She was enjoying her life- spending time with family and friends and playing with their kids. Finally one night she knew that she couldn’t ignore the call she felt on her heart any longer; she simply had to respond. The next morning, Cyndi woke up and called Heartfelt Calling to begin the licensing process to become a foster parent. Immediately she began to set up training classes and a home visit with DSS. She knew that despite her hesitations as a single adult, she had love that she could give a child and that would be enough.

Motivated by God’s call for her life, she set out to show children in a tough situation love and stability. It’s been a year since that first child entered her home and she has welcomed a total of six little ones into her home, giving each of them intentional love and attention to help them grow and thrive in a safe environment. Some stay longer than others, but each make an impact on her own life.

Cyndi has loved watching each of the children in her home grow and learn about the world in positive ways. Now her life, still filled with friends and family, looks a little different- enjoying time outside with her little ones doing tummy time or practicing walking. Each of the children that come into her home are integrated into her life, able to play with her friends’ kids, enjoying normal childhood activities and making cherished memories. She tries to stay flexible and calls her style “go with the flow.” With foster care there are many appointments to keep and various schedules to try to accommodate- visits with biological families, doctors appointments, and case workers checking in.

Currently with a six-month-old baby girl and a eight-month-old little boy, her motto has become “My voice and words now will become their inner voice later in life.” She is humbled to be an encouraging part of each child’s story, feeling grateful for the positive and powerful impact she can make.

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