Foster Care Organizations

Below is a list of state and national organizations related to finding more families for children in foster care. Each website has helpful information for families who are considering fostering.
If you know of additional organizations that you think should be added to this list, please contact us at to be considered.

South Carolina

Department of Social Services

South Carolina has a critical need for more foster families. DSS provides information about the process to become a foster parent, resources available to interested families, and contact information for each Foster Parent Licensing Office across the state. To learn more about what DSS offers, visit their website.

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Foster Care Review Board

The South Carolina Foster Care Review Board monitors the progress of achieving permanent placement for children in foster care. Local boards meet to review each child’s case and make recommendations about the best permanent plan for the child. The board is also actively involved in child welfare legislation, as well as identifying gaps in available services to children in foster care. To learn more, visit their website.

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Foster Parent Association

The South Carolina Foster Parent Association (SC FPA) provides training and support to prospective and current foster parents. If you are interested in learning about the foster parent training requirements or are looking for a list of available training offerings, check out this website. Here, you will also find contact information for each county’s chapter of the Foster Parent Association, information about programs for children in foster care, and additional resources.

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Heart Gallery

There are hundreds of children in South Carolina foster care that are legally free for adoption and need permanent, loving homes. The Heart Gallery helps find a home for these children by connecting them with interested adoptive parents. If you have considered adopting a child from foster care, check out the photo galleries on this website taken by local and professional photographers.

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Palmetto Association for Children and Families

The Palmetto Association for Children and Families began to unite private providers that work with children and families. Their work benefits children impacted by the foster care system, children with physical and/or mental disabilities, and those who are emotionally disturbed or delinquent.

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Adopt US Kids

Adopt US Kids is a national project that supports child welfare systems and connects children in foster care with families. Their work focuses on public awareness about the need for more foster and adoptive families, as well as providing support to foster and adoptive families.

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The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private philanthropy that focuses on strengthening families, building stronger communities and ensuring access to opportunity, because children need all three to succeed. The organization advances research and solutions to overcome the barriers to success, help communities demonstrate what works and influence decision makers to invest in strategies based on solid evidence.

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Christian Alliance for Orphans

The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) unites a movement of organizations, churches, and individuals worldwide to inspire and equip Christians for effective orphan care, family preservation, adoption, and foster care.

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Child Trends

Child Trends improves the lives and prospects of children and youth by conducting high-quality research and sharing the resulting knowledge with practitioners and policymakers.

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Child Welfare Information Gateway

Child Welfare Information Gateway promotes the safety, permanency, and well-being of children, youth, and families by connecting child welfare, adoption, and related professionals as well as the public to information, resources, and tools covering topics on child welfare, child abuse and neglect, out-of-home care, adoption, and more.

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