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Finding families for children in foster care is what we do.

As an initiative of Fostering Great Ideas®, we are committed to improving the lives of children as they struggle in foster care. Our focus is to do this by finding more families so that every child can live with a family while he or she is in foster care.

We do this by educating people about the need (check out the number of children in SC foster care), sharing honest and inspiring stories about fostering (check out our blog), and providing simple steps for families to get started.

Currently, there is a deficit of approximately 1,500 foster families in South Carolina.

When there are not enough foster families, children are placed farther away from their biological families, which creates further strain on an already strained system. It becomes more challenging for caseworkers to visit with children to ensure their safety while in foster care, court hearings are harder for foster families to attend, and most of all, children struggle to maintain a strong connection to their biological families and the places that are familiar to them.

In order to fix this crisis, we need more foster families TODAY.

If you're interested in fostering and/or adopting now or in the future, you have found the right place.

Lindsey, Director

Lindsey has extensive experience as a foster and adoptive parent recruiter, as well as working with families as a case manager. She applies digital content marketing practices to the foster care recruitment world, as she partners with DSS and private licensing agencies across South Caroilna to find more families for children. She is currently earning a graduate degree in Social Work and enjoys spending time with her growing family.

Lindsey can be contacted directly at

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