The need for foster families is dire.

Share your fostering story and encourage others around you to begin their fostering journey.

We have the tools to help you get started.


1. Earn a FREE T-shirt

Host a group of friends at your house, speak about fostering in your church, or ask your workplace about presenting the need at a meeting.

After you’ve scheduled your #SHAREfostering event, request a Packet to take with you. Each packet includes the following Infographics:

  • 1,900 Families Needed
  • 10 Steps to Foster
  • Factors Influencing a Child’s Placement
  • The Cost of Fostering
  • Website Cards

You’ll also receive a Sign Up Sheet for anyone who is interested in learning more about fostering.

After your event, mail the Sign Up Sheet and any remaining Infographics back to us, and we’ll send your FREE t-shirt to you as our thank you!

Questions about your event?

2. Shop With Us to Support Fostering

Show your support for fostering by purchasing #SHAREfostering t-shirts or stickers. These are great ways to start up conversations in the grocery store, doctors offices, and around town.

All proceeds from sales will go directly to recruiting and supporting foster parents in South Carolina.

SHAREfostering T-shirt

Show your support for fostering by wearing this trendy and extra soft #SHAREfostering t-shirt.

SHAREfostering Sticker

Show your support for fostering with this #SHAREfostering sticker. Place it on your car, water bottle, or laptop so others can see it! Sticker is approx. 5 x 5″ with white text on a clear background (also available with a rainbow SC outline)